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So I realize…

that my last post was very jumbled.  Typing at 2 in the morning is probably not the right time so now I figured I’d try a quarter to 1 in the morning.  The past week has been eye opening.  First, I got paid on Friday.  My check was no where near what it normally is.  Luckily for me though it was good enough to pay the bills I had to pay.

This week I paid my parents the money I owe them for the month ($160), made a payment of $80 on Credit Card 6, a $25 dollar payment on Credit Card 5, and then a $40 payment to credit card 4.

While it’s great to have those bills paid off, I’m left with very little money to live off of for the next two weeks.  Currently speaking, I have around $150 dollars left in my account to spend (this is not everything in my account but this is all I really want to part with).  This really leaves me to $10 a day.  Luckily this weekend I made the decision to stay in and only spent the $8 in cash I had in my wallet on a drink this evening while hanging out with my best friend for a few hours.

Already going into this week, I feel scared but ready to tackle on my challenge.  I work at a drug store.  We order food for lunch/dinner almost every day.  That alone costs around $8 a day, add in the added cost of snacks and soda/water, and you easily go over $10 a day while just at work.  My goal for this week is keep a log of all my expenses and go over them to see what is really necessary and where I can fix my spending.  I’m sure one thing I will have to start doing is packing a lunch but I want to give myself 1 week to figure things out.

A hobby of mine since I was a little kid has been collecting sports cards.  It has definitely proven to be not a cheap hobby.  I’m hoping though, over the coarse of the year that I can turn the cards I don’t want, in to around 300 to 500 dollars.  I think this figure is reasonable in the fact that after a week I’ve already sold about 50 dollars worth of things and haven’t made a dent in the amount of things I need to sell (also it doesn’t hurt that 1 card only will make up anywhere from 12% to 50%).


Hopefully I will make a new post in a couple of days to update this and get down my thoughts on how I’m doing.


…..well….until then….


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